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frequently asked questions

Yes, all paddles are USA Pickleball (USAPA) Approved.
It cost me an arm and a leg to get USA Pickleball approved, but hey, I still cover the court pretty well for a guy with only one arm and one leg.

We truly believe that the Erne Paddle:
Has better reach than any paddle under $100.
Hits with more power than any paddle under $150.
Generates more spin than ANY paddle, period.
But we didn't want to make a chart comparing it with the other paddles until we did an unbiased test of every one. We're doing that now, but so far we still haven't seen a single paddle that defies these three things. If you find a paddle with better reach, power, or spin—especially if it's a paddle less than $120—let us know, we want to use it.

All unexpected defects in the paddle or parts of the paddle are covered by a lifetime warranty.

Normal wear and tear, damage caused by negligence or abuse of paddle, and natural fading of graphics are not covered by warranty.

Warranty applies only to the original owner of the paddle.

Yes. The only difference between paddles is the surface design.

In September 2022, we changed the paddle handle to be smoother and more comfortable to grip in response to your feedback. Everything else about the paddle is the same.

Your Erne Paddle is eligible for use in any sanctioned or non-sanctioned tournaments.

Note: If your paddle doesn't have the "USA Pickleball Approved" Seal on it (as is the case on the "Space Cowboy" and on some paddles sold before June 2021), you may have trouble using it in sanctioned tournaments, especially if your referee is a cranky old guy who doesn't know our paddles. The overwhelming majority of tournaments are not APP sanctioned tournaments—if you're in this boat, feel free to contact us if you have issues at a tournament.

Of course. I hit more ernes than anyone who's ever walked this planet. I wouldn't use my own paddle if it wasn't the best paddle for hittin' ernes.

The Erne Paddle's long handle (5.25") and extra reach (16.5" total length) are meant for ernes, around-the-post shots, poaching, and the most aggressive style of play. It also has a ton of pop, so a successful erne is GAME. OVER.

We genuinely believe the Erne Paddle is as good as any existing paddle. All Erne team members are 5.0 or Pro skill level and use the Erne Paddle.

That said, the Erne Paddle is most popular among pickleball's 35-and-under crowd, which tends to be beginner/intermediate skill level, which is why we sell the paddle for just $85.

We highly recommend the Erne Paddle to players seeking their first high-performance paddle: those making the jump from "casual" to "competitive" players.