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Our Newest, Blackest, Baddest Paddles:

Carbon FIBER Series

Loved by pickleball addicts nationwide

Pickleball's Best Value Paddles.

"The best paddle you can buy for the $100 price range. I love the feel and just overall ease of play. I recommend it to all my students.”

Jake "Mr. Pickleball" Ralphs

“This paddle is illegal. Is it legal?...There’s too much grit.”


“When I walk onto the court everyone just stops and says, 'What is that!?!' I love my Erne paddle.”

Shannon Curl, ace sports

“The best paddle I’ve ever used by a long shot. The perfect weight, every hit has got a lot of pop to it, and the handle fits in my hand better than any other I’ve played with.”

Max Moreno

"Awesome paddle. I would put this paddle up against any of the other top brand paddles. I have several paddles: Selkirk Mach 6, CRBN 16mm, Engage MX. The Erne paddle is my preferred choice of paddle."

James Santos

“High quality customer service you would only expect from companies selling paddles 3x the cost. The graphics, the control, the reach, and the value all add up to a paddle I am so happy to own. My game has moved up a level thanks to my Erne paddle.”

Jiji Fredrickson, Full-time pickleball instructor

Equal in Performance. Not in Price.

Erne Original vs. Top Pro Paddles

  • Best-In-Class Spin

    The Erne Original's MaxGrit fiberglass surface measures in at 32.2 Rt, one of the highest surface friction ratings ever recorded by USA Pickleball.

  • Maxed-Out Power

    The Original's 16.5" length, 13mm thickness, 5.25" handle, and honeycomb core are all optimized for maximum ball-crushing power.

  • Lifetime Warranty

    All unexpected defects in the paddle are covered by a lifetime warranty. We take care of every customer: If you don't love your paddle, returns are free.

The Erne CX10 Series

Regular price $60
Regular price $60
Regular price $60

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Regular price $36
Regular price $20

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