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Introducing The Erne CX10 Series


Introducing The Erne CX10 Series

Our team started designing the CX10 Series with a simple goal in mind:
build a more affordable paddle for our beginner and intermediate customers.

But now that it’s complete, we aren’t going to sell it short.

This is the best all-around $60 pickleball paddle ever made. And, in our opinion, it isn’t even close. 

Here’s what makes us so proud of the Erne CX10 Series.

For the first time ever, pro-level (16.5”) reach.
The most popular paddle length in both men’s and women’s professional pickleball is 16.5.” Greater length allows players to reach, save, and attack more balls. No $60 paddle has ever been made longer than 15.88.” The CX10 Series is the first-ever $60 paddle made with a 16.5” total length.

Higher-quality core provides greater consistency and softer touch.
All 20 of the top 20 professional pickleball players (both men and women) use honeycomb polypropylene as their primary core material. Many $60 paddles do too, but they use the cheapest possible version of it. $60 paddles are flimsy, fragile, and quickly develop dead spots. Even though it was almost twice as expensive for us, we built the CX10 with the same core materials that you’ll find in the top pros’ paddles. At its core, the CX10 is built like a pro-level paddle.

Thinner edges for unmatched maneuverability.
The CX10 Series is named after its razor-thin 10mm thin edge, made to be as fast and maneuverable as possible. A slow paddle can cost beginner and intermediate players a lot of points. The CX10 Series feels like an extension of the player, and switches swiftly between forehand and backhand.

Finally, a $60 paddle with good power.
The CX10 Series uses the exact same materials that make our Erne Original so famously powerful. Though it is thinner and a bit lighter than our Original model, the CX10 still packs more power than any other $60 paddle, period.

In short, we’re thrilled to present the CX10 Series to you and hope you love it. Like all of our paddles, these paddles are covered by our Lifetime Warranty.

Happy Holidays.

Erne Team

By The Erne Bros