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Customized Pickleball Paddles

Need paddles for an upcoming company party, family reunion, or tournament? Contact us here to get started. Design work included.

Minimum order quantity of 50+ paddles. Order more and get a larger discount.

The Erne Paddle was specifically engineered for greater reach, pop, and spin to compliment players with a fast-paced style of play. Let us tell you what we mean.

Increased Reach. The Erne Paddle's long handle (5.25") and head (16.5" total length) provide the same reach as the longest Selkirk and Franklin paddles without compromising total surface area. Attack otherwise unreachable balls and make your opponent feel like the kitchen is shrinking. And hit more ernes, of course.

The Goldilocks Weight. At 8 ounces, this paddle generates the same pop as any middleweight paddle at a 3-10% lighter weight. The Erne Paddle was made to move quickly in a knife fight at the net while still bringing massive power for smashing high balls. The paddle is sturdy and consistently weighted throughout.

The Sweet Spot. The area surrounding the Ernehead logo is a cushion-like sweet spot, perfect for slowing down attacks and dropping a buttery third shot into the kitchen.

The Fiberglass Surface. The Erne Paddle's textured surface is made of a durable blend of carbon fiber, graphite, and fiberglass. It was intentionally designed to generate spin for slicey returns and the meanest of cutting serves.

Thicker Handle. Thicker (1.7" circumference) octagonal grip prevents the paddle from wobbling loosely in hand, allowing you to retain control of the paddle and place shots with precision.

 Paddle Specifications:

• Fiberglass surface, polypropylene core

• 16.5 in. long X 7.5 in. wide x 0.6 in. thick

• 8 oz. weight

• Handle: 5.25 in. long, 4.8 in. circumference

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