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Become a Sponsor

Are you tired of your day job? Want to drop it all and become a pickleball legend? Or keep your job but make a little extra on the side?

Erne pays cash prizes to sponsors who win with the Erne Paddle, and can prove it by sending us your podium pics. Why not call yourself a paid pickleball player? A professional, if you will.

Other benefits of being an Erne Sponsor:

  • Free paddles and pickleballs (as long as you don't abuse this privilege)
  • Kinship of fellow Erne Sponsors, many of whom will likely become your partners in battle, and friends until the bitter end
  • Free entrance to Erne Tourneys

Ready to do this? Write us an email (support@erne-pickleball.com) and tell us why you want to be a sponsor, and why you would make an amazing ambassador for Erne. We appreciate your interest.